• A single howl is heard in the night
    Of a silver wolf singing in the moon's light
    No others answer for she's on her own
    You see she's a lone-wolf searching for a home
    Her old home she left feeling she didnt' belong
    They were too different, sung a different song
    She felt trapped and that no one could see
    So she sung to the moon, wishing to be free
    She knew she didnt' belong, she couldn't stay
    Now she searches for her true home even if it's far away

    Another night her howl is heard once more
    Calling out to the moon to open her a door
    No response, not even a single sign shown
    So she wonders through the night all alone
    Coming across a pack that is social and strong
    She follows thinking with them she may belong
    But no, being quiet and timid they call her weak
    Off once again continuing for the home she seeks
    One that doesn't judge her on her looks or her ways
    She will keep walking no matter how many days

    With a tear, her howl echos through the air
    Another lonely night, she starts to believe no one cares
    No friendly howls calling out her name
    Only the moon shining down revealing her pain
    Within the shadows she walks down the lone-wolf's road
    She begins to doubt if she'll ever find her desired abode
    She becomes used to the shadows all around
    For they protect her, keeping her from not being found
    Being a lone-wolf taught her not to depend
    It still saddens her that the moon is her only friend

    One final night she howls out to the moon
    Giving it her all, she sings her last tune
    Before finishing her note, a stray wolf enters in
    He creates a duet lasting to the night's end
    A few others come, lone wolves hearing the song
    They too searching for a place to belong
    The silver wolf couldn't believe her own eyes
    Seeing fellow wolves beside her, her lonelyness waved goodbye
    She and the lone wolves created a home together
    Every night they howled in unison, their song lasting forever