• Maybe if I hold my breath I can keep your scent at bay.
    Not that I don't like it, I do.
    It's a sharp, peppery, rush of cold air type of smell.
    Like metal on a mountan top,
    civilized and wild at the same time.
    It's almost addicting.
    I nuzzle up against you, burying my face
    into the crook of your neck and inhale.
    Maybe the cold smell in your scent came from your veins.
    I swear ice water runs through them. You're always cold...
    It taints your scent. Or does it enhance it?
    A growl rumbles low and deep in your chest
    sending shivers through me.
    It's a feral, menacing sound that always calms me.
    Tracing your clavicle lightly with the pads of my fingers
    I feel the vibratings within your chest.
    Smooth creamy skin is twitching beneath my fingertips.
    Kissing and nipping at the juncture connecting shoulder and neck,
    faint traces of your body wash mixes with the taste of your skin.
    Staring into your blue eyes I can see emotions flicker rapidly.
    I envy the color. Bluer than the sky. I can see the tears
    in the corners of your eyes threatening to fall any second.
    I like spending my time with you
    just drowning in my senses.
    A quick kiss on the lips and I wipe the tears from your eyes.
    Savoring your citrus flavor of your tongue I leave to go home.
    Back to the girl who waits for me every night.
    Waits for me to leave you.
    Waiting in vain.
    I'll bask in your taste, touch, scent, sound, and sight tomorrow.
    So just indulge me.