• I worked hard in the mines of West Virginia
    Never spoke of unions and worked my way out
    I’m now the sheriff of this little city of Matawan
    I will never ill arrest any union worker; in fact I have there back
    From refusing a thousand dollars to let the mining companies bring a machinegun to gun the union workers down
    To always arresting the nonunion miner over the one with a union card
    I meet mother johns and we went to the tent camps and talked to the striking miners
    I never left with one in cuffs
    I kept many gun thugs out of my town and my miners in their homes
    Hell I even helped attack the mines and the buildings that controlled em
    I helped keep the Military hone dogs off out women and their guns out of our faces
    But hey we want rights and the corporations got money so they national guard always seems to be showing up
    Now we hear the Baldwin-Felts brothers are showing up to kick some of you good people out of your homes
    Hell we have all heard the stories of pregnant women moving everything out of their home onto the street in the rain to await their husband who just lost his home in the name of joining a union
    A show off will happen
    I have a few hundred miners armed by my side
    They are just 13 men
    Lets go talk