• I woke up that morning still with the taste of blood in my mouth.
    My stomach ached from fist that was pounded into it.
    My chin sore and nose aching.
    It's quite a beating for the taking.
    Just the thought of her got me into hell.
    Something that you would never understand.
    I felt like a lost pup waiting for his mother to save him from the big men.
    The team of hell.
    Alone... No one else to share the pain.
    Love is lost within vain, My father would say.
    I think of it as Hell is brought when love is sane.
    Within this world they say we die in peace.
    Does that mean we live in hell. You must hurt before you gain.
    You must feel pain before you relish.
    Thats a load of bull s**t.
    All my life. Bullies hit me and Football players pound me till i bleed.
    The laughter of the cheerleader's only make it worst.
    You remember that time when you ate by th trash can...
    And the time the new teacher found you in your locker.
    Bullying is a cruel thing.
    Everyone is shamed when you end your own life.
    How do you feal knowing that you were a murderer. Knowing you were the Hell that caused someone to end there very own life.
    You remeber that picture you took of then in there locker after you had stolen there clothes and punded them into there own locker.
    You joked and laughed now you have the need to show your face at there funeral.
    What hell hated person could do that.
    Only a demon of hell could.