• Every second I love you

    Every second I hate you

    Your sweet words wrap me up in hope

    Your angry words make me scream

    The second you hold me my troubles go away

    Every time you yell at me I die inside

    When your hand squeezes mine I smile to myself

    Every long period of ignorance makes me want to cry

    Everytime you say, "I love you" my heart gets bigger

    Everytime you say, "I'm done" my heart gets blacker

    Everytime you kiss me shivers get sent down my spine

    Everytime you leave the house tears fly down my cheeks

    When you talk for hours about how much you love me and need me I feel like life is worth living

    When you argue with me for hours and I wish to die

    Your happiness makes me happy

    Your sadness makes me sad

    Anyway I still love you

    Even through all we've been through

    I need you