• Today as I lie down and stare up at the clouds,
    I try to listen but I hear no sound.
    Why is my mind bothered like this?
    It's too much for me to enjoy this peace.

    The clouds sail slowly across the blue sky,
    Creating shapes and forms in front of my eyes.
    But somehow there is only one thing I see:
    Your face that's burned into my memories.

    Now I can't see clearly, my vision's been blurred.
    Why only now do my actions start to hurt?
    I thought I was fine, but now my body's cold,
    And you're no longer here for me to hold.

    And as these clouds turn grey and the silence too loud,
    I'll bear with my regrets for now.
    When I'm over it, I will see
    'Cause that's when the skies will be clear enough for me.