• I know that some people have hurt him.
    yeah I know he hates his own dad. Because of the emotional bruises he has.
    I've always Care about him being okay, hoping his dad isn't beating him.
    Ever since I met him I have care about him being okay. And now that he is gone.

    now it just makes me feel so strange.
    With out him here.

    I don't fit in here with the rest of everybody.

    Everyone just pretends to smile like everything is ******** okay.

    but I just push down my sleeves more, I hide my scars and the memories that haunt me.

    I wonder if anyone really cares about me when I cry.

    Because I know he did.

    Do they notice? when it happens or do they not notice right away until I run away from everyone.

    I feel so strange, when everyone tries to me push into their side of things.

    There 's too many problems I've got to solve still.

    a normal girl would cry but I can't even sob or cry aloud, but about all I can do is ******** write, and yet can't shed a single tear.

    It not my fault that what I am, quit trying to change me, I am not a ******** barbie doll.

    In my dreams it like the only Place where I can breathe without them being there, because I feel strange now that he is gone.
    Now that he is gone, I feel like a part of me is missing.
    I search for comfort in my memories, but they don't always make me feel better.
    I miss you, and your smile, your voice.
    I think about you everyday and night. Just hoping maybe I might see you again, I love you dearly.
    I hold you close to my heart which is nearly cracked but the bandage that is you it's holding me together still.
    Only if you knew I love you still.
    But don't know how to tell him this and it's breaking me down in two.
    It like I can't see , or breath.
    It feels like my hearts was tore from me while I was drowning in my tears.

    Why Because My heart is bruised heart heart heart