• I was sitting in the crib, only 3 months old
    When a newborn moves next-door, I was told
    Although I couldn't understand, I new something was going on
    Finally I met her at the break of dawn
    That was the moment of friendship

    Time passed by and we were happy kids playing in the backyard
    For our birthday's we always made eachother the card

    High School comes and we were helping eachother with homework
    Of course this time was the time with the most work,
    Especially when we have jobs at the mall.

    College is headed our way and we want to share a dorm
    I call her to talk about it but it's too late, my heart starts a storm
    She's moved to England and I can never see her again.
    I can't tell if she's coming back, and I don't know when.