• I've cried too many times
    I've wrote too many rhymes
    I've always had to stop
    while striving to get to the top
    whenever it seems i'm right
    somebody proves me wrong
    they say that i'm too weak
    they say i'm not that strong
    I've always dried my eyes
    when i've cried enough tears
    I may write a lot of poems
    but it get's me through the
    I know i'm going to always
    have to stop...
    but i'll keep trying to get to
    the top
    i know i'm not always right
    (who is?) and i'm not always
    no i'm not hulk, but i am pretty strong
    I pick myself up when something
    puts me down
    theres always going to be something
    trying to keep you on the ground
    i'll leave them behind
    and i won't look back
    i may veer off but i'll stay
    on track
    you can try to push me...
    make me drop...
    but nothing....
    nothing's going to keep me...

    From getting to the top