• Why doesn't anyone ever see me?
    I feel so lonely..
    I hate being so alone.

    I hate my life,
    why was I ever born?
    But most of all,

    I hate how I can keep cutting myself,
    and not feel any physical pain,
    but instead..

    I keep remembering you.
    Everything about you.
    I want to die,

    but I hate how i'm so scared to.
    Is this my fate?
    To be cursed with too much time on my hand to recall those painful memories?

    I know these tears won't ever stop,
    because every single one is just another word,
    that's too painful to be said.

    All I see is black,
    and more black,
    as I keep plucking these red rose petals,

    that is drained in my blood.
    No one ever comes to understand why,
    but you were the first that was ever so close.

    I just wish someone,
    could just come up to me,
    and lend out their hand and say ;

    just one person,
    to see i'm alive,

    and even I,
    can be saved.
    But time just ticks by carelessly,

    as these tears drop one by one onto the snow that'll never melt.
    The snow that's as cold as my heart,
    frozen forever by time,

    until spring comes.