• I've always placed second
    To everyone else
    I wasn't good enough for them
    I wasn't good enough for myself

    It just seemed with out crowds
    Of "friends" behind my back
    I could only stand out
    For the things that i lacked

    I guess i'm only human
    Those times when I am shamed
    I start looking for a scapegoat
    Something to lay the blame

    Perhaps my hair because its short
    Or my breath because its weak
    Maybe its the little tinge
    Of awkward when i speak

    So i lathered my hair in chemicals
    Gave little shallow breaths
    Spoke so very loudly
    Till i had no voice left

    Somewhere in the years
    Turned to decades, it was clear
    I shouldn't give in to all spoken things
    That hover by my ear

    Every person has an opinion
    For better or for worse
    Cant tell if there to better me
    Not sure if there to hurt

    I even learned to smile again
    With a head held to the sky
    But they just wear expressions
    Expressions full of "why?"

    Because I'm no longer bitter
    I have reason to be bold
    And I think that silver
    Shines brighter than gold

    And I may always be second
    If so, so be it
    And ill do silver proud
    Its my life and ill lead it