• She sits all alone,
    By herself everyday.
    Awaiting the return,
    Of her soldier to stay.

    Her love was sent by boat,
    Accross the sea,
    To save the Jewish,
    TO set them free.

    So, in his old rocking chair,
    Is where she bides her time.
    Withered, and wilted,
    Her eyes having lost their shine.

    Her body as still as stone,
    Dead inside, if you will.
    A patient of heartbreak,
    Unhealed by shock or pill.

    Alas, she goes uncaring,
    That the war ended many years ago.
    Her enthusiasm never falters,
    Drops or starts to slow.

    Oh mistaken was she!
    For the general only said,
    That her soldier had served his time...
    But not that he was dead.