• on some rainy mornings
    as a kid
    i used to sneak out
    through my bedroom window
    into the
    pouring rain
    and walk three houses down
    there was a tire
    swing there
    and i would sit
    and get drenched
    just to watch the wet
    slippery sunrise
    come up over the river
    behind our houses
    it used to make me smile
    to see the
    colors reflect
    off the water
    and in the early hours
    of the morning
    as i swung and spun
    on that tire swing
    i would never know
    i had really walked
    out there
    until i was much older
    and much harder to please
    after the neighbors
    had moved
    and the tire swing
    had gone
    i realized
    with no little amount
    of nostalgia
    that on some rainy mornings
    as a kid
    i was happy
    if the weather permitted