• In reality, actuality, they feed you this story.
    "Everything is normal" Hah, don't try to bore me!
    I've heard that phrase with no praise, no one can raise
    The fact that we are all done with that last phase.

    Get up and show everyone the truth about life
    I mean, seriously, is everything normal with life?
    With all the suicide and homicide, they all take one side
    the bullies and harassment, no one cares who cried

    So my question is this: who can deny the truth?
    When the answers to your problems are right in front of you.
    In school you get kicked in the head till you're blood red.
    Cause all the "cool" kids say they want to see you dead.

    What world do we live in where none of the adults help?
    When a child is bleeding and they scream for HELP?!
    Is society so blind to see the error of our ways?
    While the corrupt leaders sit and watch over the next days.

    They want us to believe that if we leave them alone.
    Then the jerks will return the favor and go home.
    But with school that aint cool and the fools always act
    Before they speak and you can't deny that one fact!

    If you report the retort in the court who cares?
    Maybe I should just give up before somebody dares
    For me to fight back and I'm in a hospital bed
    Cause all the "cool" kids say they want to see you dead.

    Now listen when I say that I can't tolerate this no more.
    I just wanna know what all the smart people wait for.
    I mean, do they really want to see a kid get shot?
    Or too much blood after the high schoolers fought?

    When you think about it, school isn't very safe.
    I remind myself of this every night, every day.
    Anyone could sneak in with a gun or a knife.
    And proceed to kill your friend and end their own life.

    This is the final time that I'm mentioning in this rhyme.
    That no one can help us in school, thats no lie.
    All they need is proof, but what is proof in their head?
    They actually just want us to die. Well I'm dead!