• There are cracks in my armor
    Lines which mar my skin
    They resemble faces
    Mouths pinched in sneers
    They judge me

    Spots that could be freckles gaze up at me
    They say, 'You are disgusting. You are laughable.'
    Gravity pulls all my features downward
    They bow
    I know I will soon, as well
    I must

    I am full of holes
    Those cracks, they run deep along my surface
    They reveal the ugliness inside
    That same ugliness threatens to bleed out
    To taint my outer features

    I watch wrinkles form
    They are foreign enemies, not easily fought off
    I am decaying
    I was always dying

    I am ashamed of the dust in my shadow
    The particles float away
    I will never get them back
    I watch my hands crumble
    My arms and feet and legs and torso

    I disintegrate