• I know what I'm doing
    I know it will hurt

    but the red
    its so bright
    under my skin

    It calls to me.

    The pressure, the odd pressure,
    on my chest
    is a bother

    the silver says it will stop
    when I free the red.

    I want to.

    I need to.

    Just one time,
    Silver is telling me
    just one slice and the pressure will be gone.

    I cannot control my self,
    And the red is like a river,
    and it is so beautiful.

    It makes me tired,
    I want to rest.

    Maybe... maybe if I just lay my head down,
    It will be faster,
    and it is.

    The red is a lake now
    And I'm having trouble seeing,
    I close my eyes.

    And as I sleep, silver speaks to me,
    tells me the pain will end,
    very shortly...


    The raven rests on her shoulders
    her gentle face framed in red,
    red that will end her pain
    end her sorrow....
    red that will end her.