• Like a ruined expression
    Melting down your face
    Leaving tracks of misery
    Creating a harrowing distaste

    Blank eyes staring
    Seeing nothing and everything
    Light not reflecting
    Taking everything in

    Lie awake at night
    Helping it grow
    Feed yourself lies
    Don't let them know

    A silent reappraisal
    Boost yourself up
    No one else can do it for you
    Their eyes squeezed shut

    Wrench them wide
    Make them see what you are
    See the broken up picture
    Not the shining star

    A real world
    Where nothing glimmer
    It's thrown in a giant vat
    Where it cackles and simmers

    Keep yourself silent
    They already know
    Just let them see now
    Let it show

    What the truth is
    What no one can see
    Behind closed doors
    The next one could be me

    Don't let them shut their eyes
    They're not allowed to anymore
    They have to see now
    What you have to endure

    What thousands and hundreds
    From high and low
    Give them what they came to see
    A broken doll show

    Lined up so perfectly
    Big, blank smiles on each one
    Inside they want to die
    They want to scream and run

    Look into the eyes
    That's how you can tell
    The fear running inside
    Battering against an empty shell

    The face they all make
    The small and silent sounds
    Makes you want to break them
    Rub their faces into the ground

    To see what was so special
    What had to be broken
    Why it keeps happening
    But not a word is spoken

    It's a crime of passion
    This broken doll on display
    So beautifully ruined
    Arms curled in dismay