• some girls dream of their own Cinderella story
    while i dream of the monsters that hide in your closet and under your bed
    some dream of mr. perfect tall, dark, and hansom
    while i wish to love a killer or a man that sleeps in a coffin
    some dream of a flowery meadow with birds and butterflies
    as i dream of the forest at night with the moon shinning bright as the bats fly on by
    some like the cloudless sky with the weather just right
    as i like the starry night as the wind blows with a fright
    most like a nice fire in the fireplace
    as i would rather it run wild and bright
    some like to keep their blood in their bodies
    while i sit to watch them bleed
    yes i may act like a pile of sun shine but when i sleep or daydream
    i dream of things you call a nightmare and thing not meant to be