• So the butterflies start
    Their graceful dancing as
    Two combine into one,
    United in the field

    Why do they dance in pairs?
    Why can't they be alone?
    Do they know well of how
    Little time Fate gives them?

    All seek to end their waltz,
    The rose's venomous
    Vines ensnaring those who
    Flutter too aimlessly

    Some getting lost in the
    Dark Forest's dense flora,
    Doomed to merely become
    Rotting petals in her

    Why do they put their wings
    To capricious Fate's whim?
    Why can they not resist
    Being with each other?

    Why do we dance in pairs?
    Why can't we be alone?
    Do we feel well this dun
    Desperation also?

    If any affection
    Rests in that dim bosom,
    Hide it not, for my mere
    Dubiety may end me

    Commence the fatal flight,
    'Til death do we fly on,
    May our fatal meeting
    Intertwine our demise.