• Thin wisps
    Float above vision
    A catcher in the mist
    Alone avast the sea
    Tries to catch these wisps,
    in between the flow of immortality
    In, and, out
    Catch, and, drop
    See and lose the feelings
    within his fingertips.
    When all his hope is
    the shark amongst his waters,
    the wisp, welcomes him.
    But, he, himself
    Is sinking.
    The shark takes its leave
    Leaving nothing left
    to fear,
    from himself.
    His waist, submerged in water.
    Cold, frothy,
    almost, alive.
    It swallows up the catcher,
    leaving a sweet,
    sweet aroma.
    In between time, and space.
    Leaving the abandoned ship to fight against the shores
    He arrives in this ship.
    The rolling waves going to work,
    on a motionless vessel.
    He journeys on,
    to find that one wisp,
    against the others,
    that will finally,
    bring him peace.
    Unknown, his whole existence.
    In and out of mortality,
    In and out of revolution.
    He's roaming the forbidden waters.
    Forever more.