• My favorite thing to do is by the sea
    The great blue ocean holds my deepest love
    Scuba diving is an exceptional activity for a warm summer day
    5 or 6 am, whenever we please
    Who will stop us anyway?
    I like the dark blue-grey sky turning orange
    I like the silence of the cities and the waves
    Keep your ears open
    Always be wary of the siren
    The siren will warn you, but you don’t have much time
    Run! Run! Run! It’s coming!
    The rising tsunami
    It will kill everything in its way
    It’s not afraid
    I splash into the 70 below water
    The fire! I feel the fire!
    I can’t do this
    I’m scared
    The fire burns too much, I can’t
    But no
    I’m burnt and it’s permanent
    I’m scarred and scared
    But the fish are beautiful
    The bright red and blue coral
    Where’s Nemo?
    I can’t find him
    I think I’m lost
    I’m too deep in this water
    But I don’t feel anything anymore
    The fire has burned out and the cold water has succumbed my brain
    What am I doing?
    Kicking my feet, maybe I can find the air I used to breathe
    I forgot what air feels like
    Does it hurt?
    I don’t know.
    But I don’t feel anything anymore.
    Kick, kick, kick.
    Where is the sun?
    Where is the air?
    The fire is back
    The fire
    It’s burning
    I’m burning
    But the fish are so beautiful
    The sharks don’t smell my blood
    I don’t smell anything
    I’m numb and there’s nothing anymore
    The siren! The siren!
    But I can’t find air! I can’t breathe!
    This is my life now
    But the fish are so beautiful
    The sky is wet and dark
    I can’t find Nemo
    He’s gone
    I’m gone
    But I don’t feel anything anymore