• I am like a weed
    My roots are dead and longing to be free
    Chopped down by the hate of life
    Thrown away and not thought about twice
    Looked upon as ugly and useless
    Predicted as just creating a mess
    Destroying things in my path

    I am not like a rose
    So beautiful with blinding radiance
    Always smiled on and given a second chance
    Protected, loved, and cared for
    Given everything needed and more
    Known and cherished by all

    I am like a lost planet
    Gravity forcing me in other directions
    Swirling and spinning with no connections
    Cold and heartless to the core
    Yet, inside, wanting to be much more
    Dark and misguided on the path of life

    I am not like a shooting star
    Wished upon and waited for eagerly
    Gasps and murmurs once they see clearly
    Bringing joy and hope to those who speak
    Some want to put it in a pocket to keep
    Others to store in a box for their own sake.

    I am not what I want
    I am my own nightmare
    But what I desire to be will forever haunt
    I chase after for what I care
    For death then I shall be a beautiful Rose.