• Awe, that my heart you have.
    Let me guess you’re going to treat like gold,
    Love it with all your heart, make it feel loved,
    Help it become more awesome,
    Show it new things,
    Make a whole bunch of pinky promises
    And break them right?

    That my heart you have,
    Let me guess your mommy heart more important?
    Awe it okay,
    I still love you,
    It hurts my heart that I do.
    But mind saying don’t give up.
    My heart doesn’t trust your words.

    Oh, you love me you say.
    Why am I last?
    Why don’t I come first?
    I always put you first,
    You’re the first person I talk to when I wake up,
    And the last person I think about when I go to sleep.
    But that doesn’t matter to you.

    I guess family more important,
    So, much for our future.
    If your mommy family going to come first,
    I don’t want our kids to be put last.
    I’m losing hope in you.

    I will never let my heart fall in love again,
    My mind can talk all it wants,
    But I know better!