• Just one person can stun me,

    Remind me of how wonderful life out there may be,

    Shock me into thought,

    Dream me into possibilities,

    And strike me into reality.

    Just one person inspires a full train of thought,

    A collection of hopes and emotions I seldom feel.

    Just one person makes me try to love.

    Just Gemma.

    Gemma is wild, she's free, she's in love with everything.

    She's kind, and wise beyond anyone's years.

    She was born in the wrong century

    And she lives in just the right place.

    Her words are fresh like none others of this day.

    Her thoughts are open, but never empty,

    And her heart is never quite full.

    She is the reminder of a place that we both seek,

    An era that we both miss,

    A song long forgotten.

    Gemma is my fear for the future,

    She is the death of the past,

    And the rebirth of peace.

    I want to find her

    And take her with me into a new life.

    I want to create a world of substance

    And music and ideas.

    Imagine all the people.

    Imagine Gemma.

    She is all the people.

    She is the creation of everything that we should be,

    A most beautiful person,

    A most thoughtful listener,

    A most slow speaker,

    A most gentle friend.

    She is love in itself.

    Adoration is her eyes.

    Lovely, fearless Gemma,

    Won't she be near me?

    Won't I see her face, hear her voice?

    For we have never met.