• It's raining again
    Do you hear it, can you see
    Or, are you blind and deaf as you are to me
    Days fly by, speeding past in their pause
    Following Murphy's Law and every clause
    Press play and hit the stop
    Hurry, while we're still on top
    Rent me a room on floor thirteen
    Fast-forward to our senseless routine
    Drive by's and bullets to souls
    Shot from the barrel of an assassin’s role
    Rewind in a fool's desperate hope
    To escape the noose made of memories rope
    Music consoles and rips wounds anew
    Notes falling like blood from a sky so blue
    Press play and watch the story be told
    Of a love like fire that froze in the cold
    Rented rooms and lies filled with rues
    Senseless routines as an empty muse
    Thirteen floors and hit the stop
    Freeze in time the image of love on top
    Fast-forward and skip the tragic end
    Of hearts to broken to ever mend
    A single tear to hit rewind
    Back to the beginning, to that beautiful broken mind
    Press play...and watch as the days fly by...