• Rocky Road leading to a story,
    Yet to be told by
    A totem pole that lay between
    Heaven and Earth
    In the middle of
    The tears it cries.

    Fresh, these tears cut a path as though
    Running away from the peering eyes in the sky.
    Run, Run, quickly over the road, but
    Be keen and weary as not to run
    In to a tree whilst trying to flee
    To harmony.

    The eyes flare, stare, and tear down
    All you know,
    Taking you to another world,
    Unlike yuour own.

    They rid the heat, and bring the cold;
    They rid the color, and bring the chrome;
    They rid your bravery, and bring your fear;
    They rid your smile, and bring the mirror.

    So unintentional to bring these effects.
    but the totem, clearly cunning, is only trying
    To tell a story that must be told.