• If you could set sail,
    Out onto the sea,
    During your travels,
    Would you still find me?

    Rocking and churning,
    Your boat faces each wave.
    You, a brave captain,
    I, but a maiden to save.

    If you were a soldier,
    Fighting so others run free,
    Caught up in the midst,
    Would you still find me?

    Waiting for you at the homefront,
    Praying you'll return,
    Reading, rereading your letters,
    Full of desperation and concern.

    If you ran a kingdom,
    Your words being your decree,
    Worshiped by so many
    Would you still find me?

    What if I was a peasant,
    But a pawn in your game.
    Would you set our differences aside?
    Treat me all the same?

    If you weren't who you are,
    Could you still see,
    How much our love is worth?
    Would you still find me?