• Stare as I may to endless waves of blue
    That only remind me of the ocean and it's wonders.
    Not only does the gateway to the soul reflect these tides,
    But so does what resides on the inside.

    Reckless and dangerous can these two beings be.
    Calming and loving is a sight that's wondrous to see.

    The portal that reflects the blue
    Is so brittle but who knew?
    Powerful enough to tear down your sanity
    With just a vibration of the air unseen;
    Yet, sweet enough to bring a smile to all that passes
    With just showing its pearly whites to the masses.

    I find myself in turmoil on a constant,
    As I fade in and fade out of my lungs escaping;
    To arms wrapped tightly around,
    Unwilling to unhinge and let go of the
    Ignorance that this Blue holds nowhere near as tight.