• Last Chance To Make Amends

    I stand before the alter of the self-destroyed.

    The Skins peeled from my bones,

    I kneel down naked and vulnerable.

    I am ashamed of what I've become.

    How could I ask for forgiveness,

    When I can't even forgive myself for this.

    Feeling helpless while I admit I'm terrified

    I hide my face from the ones who love me

    With cupped hands to my cheeks

    My palms become a private sanctuary.

    While I clench my teeth with what strength is left

    I'm resisting the urge to cry out your name.

    I don't want to reveal to you this side of me.

    For once a liar I've released a guilty trail.

    So I Stretch out my arms in front of me.

    While the monks prepare for my self-sacrifice

    I watch the poison as it flows through my veins

    This is my last chance to make amends.