• Walking in the hall as you bump into me.
    You turn to say sorry, but you see no one.
    I watch your blank expression as you go on.
    I just stand bewildered.

    In the cafeteria with my friends.
    My group of friends that you were accepted in.
    I see you with another.
    And yet your still wearing the gift I gave you?

    I begin to cry, but no one understands why.
    My voice is muffled by my sobs.
    All everyone knows is i just started crying.
    I try to explain, but all i do is cry...

    I'm invisible again.
    You took my happiness with you.
    Was I wrong for falling for you?
    I was happy, you were happy too... right?

    It seems I failed to meet your wants.
    I failed to meet your desires.
    I failed to please you the way you wanted.
    I failed at staying noticed.

    I am invisible again...