• Anger fills me like my heart's an empty room,
    I'm being stabbed in the back and re-consumed,
    by the same s**t you couldn't help but do,
    Last time I really wish we just had it through,

    You never f*cking loved me like you said you did,
    I was just making a gamble and I made a bid,
    My lyrics isn't the painful thing to hear,
    It's the constant lies you whispered into my ear,

    God know all the things I have feared,
    and he knows how many times I felt tears,
    And you would sit there and laugh cold as ice,
    Because you don't care about me as a sacrifice,

    But hey, what kind of language this?
    Its the same language I'd dismiss,
    when you would make me feel like I'm the only one,
    and now that I'm not I'm not talking about fun.

    This moment I always have nightmares about,
    and in the night and I still scream and shout,
    "Why oh why does this happen to me,
    Man this can't be really happening!"

    But then when the battles are done,
    Clouds are pierced with the sun,
    I feel the love and compassion,
    And a heart I can fashion,

    I forget the ridiculousness in my head,
    and the conspiracies be not said,
    I look in her eyes and see it all,
    God please don't let me fall,

    I'm trying so trying so hard,
    for something I shouldn't have to work for,
    but as long as I play my cards,
    In the end I hope my heart's not sore,

    And even if we all think it's lame,
    that somebody would attack,
    and ruin this one and only love,
    and rip out a heart without gloves,

    I just need to calm down,
    even though my music is blessed,
    I breathe it like it's oxygen,
    I don't write like the rest,

    But this ain't a f*ckin test,
    even so I couldn't fail it,
    I'm drowning in a mess,
    so maybe I should sail it,

    I could live all day thinking,
    she doesn't deserve it,
    everything I could possibly give,
    But misery ain't worth it,

    I'm gonna have to forgive,
    and work things out again,
    Just like I always did,

    She's beautiful,
    and I just can't deny it.
    and when I remember her,
    I just end up sighin',

    Why couldn't she just be perfect,
    why couldn't she just love me,
    Why did she bug like an insect.
    yet she is the only one I see,

    I'm so teased.
    And with her actions,
    I'm pleased,
    Yet she still needs to decide between him or me?

    Man why don't I just wait,
    see what happens this time,
    and maybe this song was fate,
    and our love is a crime,

    We're just doing our time,
    even if everyday it feels longer,
    because if she cheated,
    when she comes back we'll be stronger.