• Sitting alone in the dark only the glow of the screen shows

    what the people around me are doing in the dark

    Standing up you moved towards me and

    every step you take makes me feel as if

    I'm about to take a test that I'm not ready for,

    making sure to not step on anyone else you silently sat next to me.

    Not making a noise or saying anything

    not a “ Hello ” or “ What’s up? ”

    Just s i l e n c e . . .

    As if you are trying not to scare me away when you sat next to me.

    You were acting if I was a lost dog wondering in the

    middle of the streets in your neighborhood and wanting to take it home.

    As I'm seeing you out off the corner of my eye you

    slightly turning your head, looking at me, moving closer to me, blushing.

    Discreetly you move your hand next to mine

    in the climax of the movie I went to refresh

    with a signature blend of 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper

    but I accidentally stepped on your cheesy crunchy nachos.

    I panic “I'm sorry, I'm sorry”

    “ It’s okay”

    The rest of night filled with awkwardness and nacho cheese on the bottom

    of my brand new vans shoes, hopefully it doesn’t smell later.