• Verse 1:
    And so it comes down to this
    our final time's in our midst
    I know now what to say
    but I don't know how to say it
    it's something I kept inside
    something I realized to late
    and now I'm out of opportunities
    lost to time's unease
    is not the same

    Verse 2:
    I think back to times in which we shared
    talking & laughing - no cares
    the dark never gave us fear
    because we were always near and
    Every new thing I'd see
    Only made it clearer to me
    that this was admiration of
    a radiant love
    I don't want to live
    without even the simplest form of

    you and me
    together forever
    but time makes haste
    to tear us apart
    so here I am
    no gaurds up or smokescreens
    but then I think
    that this might be the end

    Chorus 1:
    And so I hide it away
    to revisit someday
    cause now's not the time
    but as white blurs to grey
    I can't see what to say
    so out comes goodbye

    Chorus 2:
    You are my reason to breathe
    song and wind in my wings
    the star guiding home
    what I want you to know
    is wherever you go
    I'll always be near

    Chorus 3:
    Every look that I take
    Every touch that we make
    leaves me speechless inside
    so I tell you today
    that is what I would say
    If we just had the time

    So out comes goodbye
    but I'll always be near
    if we just had the time
    And so it comes down to this...