• I see people at school,
    Wearing all the same thing.
    And people doing everything someone else does.
    Seriously? Is the world even creative anymore.

    Most people in the world is boring,
    People are so predictable.
    Only the weird are ever genius.
    These statements sound extreme?
    Well in reality, that is the lifestyle now.
    These statements are true to me.

    Everyone HAS to have an iPhone.
    Hello? Why not a Droid or a Samsung phone?
    Everyone HAS to have a iPod touch.
    Hello? Why not a mp3 player or a iPod shuffle?
    And in some real cases,
    People have both the iPod and iPhone.

    And what about these new things with groups of friends?
    "Okay, everyone, wear blue tomorrow, okay?"
    Why does someone have to wear what they tell them to wear?
    And also, why does there have to be groups and cliques?
    Why can't everyone be friends and not exclude people...and even bully people?

    One last thing,
    The word 'swag'
    All people are saying it, even grown ups.
    It's not a new word,
    But everybody is know saying it.
    'Swag' at the end of a sentence, 'Swag' as the username on twitter.

    Seriously? The world can be a better place is everyone could just be more different,
    Not do what others to do.
    Being the real you.