• "What is life?"
    What seems to be a reality
    or what is seen as an illusion.
    "Is it a game or is this simply a dream?"
    Discussing the matter at hand is almost impossible.
    Not one person, not one human being,
    knows our true purpose to living.
    It is a never-ending fabric lost in time.
    It is so tedious and gruesome.
    Waking up each day, only to wonder:
    "When will I die?" or better yet wondering
    when it will be the end of time itself.
    The very end of what seems to be impossible
    to unravel.
    Impossible to grasp the full meaning of this
    place we fear so much, yet we call it home.
    "What is our purpose?" do not hide from it.
    Tell me what it is we love so much about a place
    so full of death.
    So desolate and filled with a hating passion.
    Only to drive people to kill one another.
    Again i shall ask...
    "What is life?"