• As you live your life,
    and I wish you well,
    no pain, no strife
    that love will compel

    I pray that you don't forget me,
    to remember my face,
    in your precious memory,
    with beauty and grace

    I pray, you will keep me,
    in your heart,
    blooming, there I will be,
    of you I am a part

    I pray, GOD will protect you,
    this he will do,
    so you will make it through,
    successfully too,

    I pray, you come as you are,
    do not change,
    in you, I see the moon and the stars,
    do not let life rearrange,

    I pray, we will meet again
    that you pray the same,
    in sunshine or rain,
    destiny is to blame,

    I pray, with passion, with love and great care,
    I believe GOD will hear, pure and divined,
    this prayer and wish that is seemingly rare,
    a challange for me, one of a kind,

    In Jesus name,