• Dear Fate, just how cruel is the
    That you would take my love from me?
    How promiscuous and cold is Fate
    That you could steal the love of my soul mate?
    Tell me Fate, what are your devious plans
    Now that you ripped my heart right out of my hands
    Will he revel in his triumph, and celebrate his escape
    While i try to piece my heart into a recognizable shape
    Will you find him a wife, with long flowing hair
    As I rot away in the pits of despair?
    Will she kiss his lips to put him under your spell
    So that he can never be mine, only Time will tell
    Time will tell, but Time cant keep me sane
    Or stop the walls from screaming and lay peace to the pain
    The Love I had for him was bigger than me
    But I guess it was just to small, or to wrong for him to see..