• A small bird,
    flies through the wind,
    looking for me,
    with a message to send,

    The bird lands on my shoulder,
    and then disappears in the air,
    I'm left with the message,
    It's looks filled with despair,

    Reading all the words,
    with a bit tense of anger,
    I crumpled the letter,
    Threw it in the river,

    Have you ever known somebody,
    Who could really be naughty,
    try to reassure she loves me,
    but that's just what she wants me to see,

    Because after she left me,
    for that other guy,
    they ********' broke up,
    and I choked up,


    The truth is,
    she only wants me,
    outta her desperateness,
    filled with her loneliness,

    I don't take back ******** heart breakers,
    and greedy love takers,
    You should've never picked him,
    and been true to me,

    Don't even try with the bullshit,
    "I didn't understand, okay..."
    You have a 4.0 GPA,
    and really I heard what you say,

    You know what you did,
    and I know you're a liar,
    so stop messing with me,
    to me, you're a flat tire,

    You're useless to me,
    I'm better off without you,
    so cry in your misery,
    Just like I did when I was without you,

    You're a ******** c**t,
    who tries to play blunt,
    But I know that you're smart,
    that's why you can mess with hearts,

    So please,

    Back off,
    Piss off,
    Go home,
    and get the hell away from me,

    Get out of my life,
    and stop texting me,
    I don't care if you have a knife,
    Just get the hell away from me.