• Every now and then,
    I sit here and think,
    I just ignore my friends,
    And I don’t even blink.

    Or else you won’t think straight,
    Set your mind on something,
    Or else it will be too late,

    You shrug,
    And you worry,
    You sweat,
    In a hurry,

    This race is too long,
    And simply too fast,
    You’re not prepared,
    You’re outmatched,

    Almost as if,
    Skies are falling in like caves,
    And sift,
    Like a dying current into ending waves,

    You stand there,
    As if you are nothing worth living,
    You envy even the dirt,
    On the wet ground,

    Where tears like rain,
    Fall down in disgrace,
    As you’re memories are broken,
    But not erased.

    You act like you’re nothing,
    Because she treated you like nothing,
    And you feel like a failure,
    When you failed nothing at all.

    And the ironic truth to all this,
    Is that she failed you,
    But succeeded at what she wanted,
    Which was you to suffer, for absolutely

    Everyone still looks at here the same,
    Even when they say,
    Cheating is wrong.
    And no one deserves it…

    And they look at you different,
    Because you’re the one who got hurt,
    And she tries to point the finger,
    Directly at you.

    But you can’t say anything,
    Because everyone was her friend,
    Not yours,
    Yeah I know, it sucks.

    You’re supposed to feel betrayed.
    You’re supposed to feel alone,
    You’re even supposed to feel,
    That no one loves you but yourself,

    Because in all the time sitting alone,
    Wanting to die,
    And just crying,
    God secretly spoke in your ear…

    It told you the exact words you though in your head at that moment in time alone.

    He told you how to understand,
    How to feel good again,
    What to do,
    And how to do it.

    God helped you,
    When you were down,
    When you were alone,
    And even when you wished she would call your phone.

    You don’t need her.

    That is the one thing you will understand,
    Staring at her and her new boyfriend,
    Is that,
    You really don’t need her.

    He’s just the next in line to get hurt,
    And when she’s alone,
    You’ll be laughing,
    Not because you’re still angry or even a little bit crazy.

    But simply because.
    She’ll understand every,
    Little bit of pain,
    She inflicted on you.

    And she’ll be sorry.
    And you won’t have to be angry at her anymore.
    Everything will fall in place.
    Because that’s life.