• ‚Ě•These songs,
    these movies,
    these places.

    What will the future me be like?
    It's scary just thinking,
    about how easily I can just forget.

    All these little things that make up who I am,
    will I still remember in the future?
    Will they still be my favorite things?

    It feels as if I forget just once,
    i'll lose a part of me.
    Things that I will leave behind,

    that made me who I am.
    These things that remind me.
    Reminds me of what it used to be like.

    I'm too scared too think,
    what if I try to look back later,
    and they're all just.. gone?

    Gone from memory.
    These favorite things that will just be..

    The scariest part being it was me,
    who found them little by little.
    Me being the one who forgets.

    What will I have to remind me later?
    I don't want them replaced,
    I just want this.

    These favorite things of mine.
    Keeping it to myself for forever.
    It's scary how things can change.

    So fast that one day,
    we just look and just think..
    "Who did I used to be?"

    With no way to even trace back.
    Everything being erased,
    day by day.

    New favorite songs,
    new favorite places,
    new favorite friends.

    Even if the past may be painful,
    I don't want to forget these parts of me,
    that which will make me who I am in the future.

    Even if just listening,
    just watching,
    breaks my heart from remembering.

    These painful yet beautiful tears,
    is too amazing for me to let go of.
    Piercing my heart with my past,

    I can't help but smile at how fun some times were.
    Even though there were tears,
    there were betrayals,

    there were tragedies.
    There were times when everyone laughed,
    everyone smiled,

    and shared everything with others.
    A time which we all wanted to go back too.
    Even if it's just in our minds,

    or our favorite things that remind us of it.
    It will each hold a piece of our past later on.