• Is there a reason for these thoughts
    Maybe there is, buried deep within the past
    A memory that’s become lost
    A reason for the misery and the pain
    If I knew would it cure me completely
    Or does it not matter, will my own mind always haunt me
    Even if I could explain the scars
    Or find the broken pieces of my heart
    I do not think I could forget
    Because it just doesn’t make sense to me
    I want to remember the feeling of him leaving
    The voice of her screaming
    The relief of the bleeding
    And the doubt in my own sanity
    Because how can I be
    Anyone but me
    If I forget all these things
    All the ******** up memories
    What would I become
    That is what truly terrifies me
    Loosing myself amongst lies
    And living in denial cutting off my emotional ties
    Becoming numb
    The pain I know it lingers right behind me
    Visible to all, a shadow on the wall
    Of a broken personality
    But its my pain and I shall never forget
    Even if I cant remember the reason.