• I'm just a ghost, I travel on this endless road. People don't see me, but I see everyone, I know. Things are getting so much harder, i'm living breath to breath, sometimes I sit and ponder whats worse, life or death.

    It's not like I wish to die, but I don't get the point of life; We try to be happy, but in the end it's like we aren't alive. I try so hard, it feels like i'm struggling just to smile, I want to take a journey, I want to get away for a while.

    There isn't a place like home, because home is a place where i've always felt so alone. I feel as if my family, just wants me dead and gone. I'm not their top priority, my brother always has been, because they are willing to let him do what he wants, and they make me feel like i'm suffocating.

    I have no point in living, to them i'm just a waste of space, I feel like all I do, is cause my family pain and disgrace. One day soon, i'll leave them, i'll walk out the door and never turn around, i'll be careful not to slam the door, i'll be careful not to make a sound.

    I'll run and run until I can't run anymore, then when I get away, i'll see what else life has in store. When I escape i'll start off brand new, I know a few friends, who love me more than they do♥