• He asked me to stop the rain
    To reach up in to the sky
    He asked me to cease the pain
    That would cause the world to cry

    He wanted me to be the Answer
    Though it was he who asked the question
    What he didnt know was I didnt have the cure
    To free the world of its infection

    If I had the power to stop the slayings
    If i had the power to calm the storm
    If i had all the parts
    To fix the hearts
    Where the bitterness had formed

    I would raise my hands up to the sky
    And give all reason to the sun
    And let the warmth the summer sky brings
    Undo what has been done

    I would undo the heartbreak
    Tissues would go unstained
    But instead I bowed my head to him
    And said in honest shame
    I am just a Muslim girl
    And I cannot stop the rain.