• Here's a little theory,
    of something a bit too eerie,
    The thought just makes me dreary,
    So let me say this very clearly,

    I am not that somebody,
    who steals from the poor,
    and I'm not that somebody,
    who acts like a whore,

    But strangely, yeah weird,
    I end up being feared,
    Is trying to be the good guy,
    So hard to be clear?

    Unusually is a thought,
    but reality is the matter,
    So why am I awfully judged,
    and hear this upsetting gossip chatter?

    It's whack,
    that my soul is left attacked,
    when I am that kind of guy,
    who'd never get smacked,

    So let's end this problem now,
    and just leave it at that,
    there's no point of over stressing,
    If the problem is that you over react,

    So just stop,
    Before my brain is gonna pop,
    and I'm choking myself,
    until my blood drops,

    Just stop.