• With Apollos blessing,
    To the greatest god i plea,
    To give me the power to bend these words,
    Give me a perfect thing to say to thee.
    To the daughter of Artemis,
    Who's beauty resembles Aphrodite,
    To the most wonderful thing I've found,
    I know is way to good for me.

    And with the names Im given,
    Along with Odysseus,
    And through Christ,
    I pray that im forgiven,
    Not once, not twice,
    Not thrice,

    I know I'm not perfect,
    Only as good as i can be.
    And i can only hope you see my deeds
    As they are meant to me.
    I also pray that every day,
    You will stay beside me.

    I want do do such vile things to you,
    Things that only Ares, and mighty Zeus would do.
    If i could only corrupt cupid, Maybe pot will do?
    If not, I will give to Dionysus to trade for mighty wine,
    And give you this greatest gift,
    Hopes that you will be mine.