• The Dark Age of Man


    The age of everlasting dragons long past,
    their skin melded with stone and scale changed ash,
    The age of gods formed from first flame,
    waged war with the dragons did Nito First of the Dead,
    The Witch of Izalith, Gwyn the Lord of Sunlight,
    and the traitor Seath the Scaleless in hubris of his kind,
    A flickering dark soul to the one true lord obscured absolution,
    Fourth Lord sired and those did too sire to proceed the former Lords.
    Dragons breathed their last as God's scorched nature's womb,
    Bonfires arose ancient like their deified masters of unnatural flames,

    Hark, Gwyn who created Anor Londo,
    Whom beset Silver, Black, and The Four Knights a grossly incandescent sigel,
    Birthed the unknown god of war, Lady Gwynevere, heirs throughout,
    Placed thine femininity on Gwyndolin who kept after the silver,
    Led the humans in an Age of Fire,
    Seath the Scaleless was given the title of Duke,
    A penchant for immortal scales gave way to whispers of fertile maiden capture,
    Sating thirst for experimentation hath presented crystal absolution,
    All in his library reigned mad,

    Thus the flame disheartened from the gods,
    The Witch of Izalith, with good intentions, imparted the flawed flame,
    Turned instead to the Bed of Chaos the vessel for demon spawn,
    Quelaan and Quelaag turned demi like their brother Ceaseless,
    Only Quelana, last daughter, ran to Blight awaiting
    atonement, no courage shall come of it,

    Gravelord Nito settled in the grave silently imposing
    Death and decay in the great catacombs.

    Gwyn then set forth with ashen knights
    Haunted by the dark and the ember's relative that hid itself among the undead,
    So he went to Kiln of the first flame becoming Cinder and hollow,
    Ushering trade the Sun for the Age conclusive and short held,
    Blackened soot fulfilled the final phoenix martyr with trusted remnants,
    All was branded hollow, it's only distinguishing impurity be it the flicker,
    Violent colors luminescence wild in burn as it took as all did to exhaustion,
    into the Dusk and then the Night, the Dark.