• I think. question neutral
    I feel. surprised
    I see. eek
    I do.
    I know. confused
    Innovation, invention, an idea. idea
    The most contagious things humans ever encountered.
    And it helps. 3nodding
    Helps them learn.
    Helps them live.
    Helps them fight. stressed
    Helps them defend. ninja
    Aids destruction.
    But good destruction.
    Necessary destruction.
    Destruction of the old.
    Paving the road for progress.
    Feeding the future.
    Guiding debate.
    Raising the world.
    To glory.
    The world has been raised.
    Debate has been guided.
    The future has been fed.
    Progress Road has been paved.
    The old is buried and dead, but not forgotten.
    Necessary destruction justified.
    The destruction righteous.
    Righteous destruction aided by,
    Defended by,
    Fought with,
    Brought to life by,
    Learned by,
    Helped by,
    Humanity's contagious gift.
    Ideas, invention, innovation.
    We knew.
    We did.
    We saw.
    We felt.
    We thought.
    And we still do.
    We think.