• We've been together for some time.
    We shared our secrets
    You helped me find me
    I helped you find you
    And now...We fall apart
    The pain we shared
    The tears we shed
    Does it mean anything?
    Was i to blind to see
    that you expected much more of me?
    I thought we were brought together by fate
    But you said it's too late...
    You gave me the signs
    I overlooked them
    You gave me hope
    i overlooked it
    You said you loved me
    I became afraid
    I found the courage
    to help you in anyway
    But you said i came too late
    I told you how i felt
    "You were too late"
    I wanted to help you
    with my body and my soul
    no matter the cost
    Yet....you still say
    "You were late..."