• You think you're so perfect
    All shiny and new
    But you'll be worthless
    One day

    You may be a skyscraper
    But everything up must come down
    You may look good on paper
    But you aren't structurally sound

    When you get deep to the core
    It doesn't matter that your floors are made of gold
    You've still got a bit of dirt you couldn't sweep under your rugs
    Decaying bones in your closets make it smell of

    I may be abandoned
    But I'm not alone
    I may not be as shiny and new
    But I can tell you I am clean

    That big Architect may cut me down
    But I know that I'm more structurally sound
    And if one day I have to make room
    For another skyscraper just like you
    I will fly
    I won't just scrape the sky
    I'll leave a gaping wound
    One big enough
    That you can't fit through