• As a writer I sit and
    stare at a blank page.
    One chapter left;
    one final POW to end with.
    But where to go?
    Will the fans like my choices?
    This is the last chapter
    as the deadline approaches.
    My editor wants gold;
    my publishes wants product.
    My fans expect genius.
    This is my chapter of loathing.

    One chapter before class.
    Twenty pages:
    that's all I have to read.
    But the text is boring
    and my friends are distracting.
    There will be a quiz
    and I cannot fail.
    Nineteen pages:
    one hour to go.
    This is my chapter of loathing.

    My favourite book.
    I've read it ten times or more.
    I am invested in the characters
    and feel like one of their own.
    I am in the pages
    but I cannot communicate.
    No matter how loud I shout
    my favourite character
    is still a fool.
    The author was cruel
    and ends the life of
    my dearest friend.
    But I will read it again
    and again.
    This is my chapter of loathing.